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 Fun War Modes

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PostSubject: Fun War Modes   Fun War Modes EmptyTue Feb 16, 2016 7:51 pm

I lost the rule sheet to our fun war modes, I know I suck. I saved this from the other site so it's a starting point at least.

Mode 1: Guardian mode(Can play it with any number of players, we played it 3v3.)
-One player is the Monarch(queen or king whatever)
-Other players are the guardians
-Usually played in a DM match in an open space like ND1's sewer canal or Azit's courtyard. *Can be played in TD maps.
-Can be played in any timed option, 10 minutes was usually a good option for fast matches when people are on a schedule.
-Can be played with Pen gear, Fumbi gear or Prem gear(Up to you all what you want).

Desc: Teams choose a player to be the monarch and the rest become guardians who have to keep that one player alive. Monarchs can only use the Block Skill and one weapon(We can choose any weapon you guys want, I used to suggest Mind Shock cause Monarchs were usually Tyrants who leeched /badjokeaside).  Guardians use the HP +30 skill and two weapons(One melee and one Mind Energy or Rescue Gun; Not MK2 Healgun).  The team with the most Monarch kills wins at the end(we can keep track by asking that whenever the Monarch dies they type in chat "I've been slain" or if that's too silly you can type 1 or dead).  If we have an uneven amount of people in the room or people who want to spectate we can make observer spots for them and they can keep tally on when Monarchs are killed.

(Copying ftw lol) Co Lead/Defender-Support-Healer
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Fun War Modes
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