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 You got vids?

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You got vids? Empty
PostSubject: You got vids?   You got vids? EmptyTue Nov 15, 2011 12:25 am

Heres me playing my fail piano. I know i fail kay? but hey i tried again to make it perfect as possible xD
youtube . com /watch?v=h9kT4Uxo0gs&feature=channel_video_title > These two are my earliest vids
^^^^^^^^^ /watch?v=BYyAD-vJ_I8&feature=channel_video_title > ^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^ /watch?v=yxsI2fwIEas&feature=channel_video_title > this one i redid on one of the top ones, but i had to improv the end cuz the sheet music was partially covered rofl

just remove the spaces cuz im a new member rofl
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You got vids?
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